2022 Scheduled List of Jumps

This is the list of jumps I intend to make with a radio this year. This is by no means set in stone or the limit of what I am going to do, this is just a plan laying out the band, mode, and equipment that I intend to use for each jump.

My email address on QRZ is good, if you have ideas on things I can do drop me a line.

  • 70cm FM HT

  • 2m FM HT

  • 2m FM Mobile (50w)(Nelson Antenna SlimJIM/Rollup) - Completed 15 April 2022

  • 2m SSB Mobile (50w) (N9TAXLab SlimJIM)

  • 6m (Tech’s Jump)(Need to build or buy antenna)

  • 10m SSB (Tech’s Jump)(Packtenna EFHW Mini) - Completed 3 June 2022

  • 15m SSB (Packtenna EFHW Mini)

  • 17m SSB (Packtenna EFHW Mini)

  • 20m SSB (Packtenna EFHW Mini)

  • 40m SSB (KM4ACK EFHW one jump, Packtenna EFHW Mini Extended one jump), ideally same day on back to back jumps to test them as close to side by side as possible.

"Tech Jumps" are jumps I want to dedicate to trying to contact those that hold a Tech class license, it isn't limited to them but they would have priority. The idea is to get them working in the HF world in what little spectrum is allocated to them in 6m (VHF, I know) and 10m. Maybe that will be the contact that encourages them to upgrade to General? I don't know but I'd like to try.

I don't know code yet so that is out of the question for now; digital modes like FT4 & FT8 are a maybe depending on time and jumps available to try to make such contacts. Bottom line, if I can manage it I am going to give it a try.